In 2016, INFECT CO was founded by three best friends with a measly $200. That $200 created a hardcore streetwear brand inspired by the tumultuous climate of late 2016. Our roots stem from pain, exile, and angst - similar to the birth of streetwear itself.

We had a mission to infect the world with truth, but we were misunderstood by the masses. That didn't stop us though - we’ve never been one to shy away from controversy.

Embracing the DIY mentality of its punk-rock and streetwear predecessors, INFECT CO has since carved out a niche for itself within the modern-day streetwear market using thought-provoking design, storytelling, and classic streetwear apparel.

With community-focused brand building, INFECT CO strives to remain a grassroots operation, and a counter-cultural force in streetwear and beyond. 

Our message to our customers will always be the same…Be unapologetically true, never back down in the face of controversy, and always do what’s right - even if it goes against the system.