In 2016, INFECT CO was founded by three best friends Evan Wickersham, Ryan Huffman, and Jake Walsh with a measly $200. That $200 created a hardcore streetwear brand inspired by the tumultuous climate of late 2016. Our roots stem from pain, exile, and angst - similar to the birth of streetwear itself.

We had a voice and a mission, but we were misunderstood by the masses. However, we’ve never been one to shy away from controversy.

Embracing the DIY mentality of its punk-rock and streetwear predecessors, INFECT CO has carved out a niche for itself within the modern-day streetwear community using thought-provoking design, rich storytelling, and classic streetwear apparel.

With community-focused brand building, INFECT CO strives to remain a grassroots operation, and a countercultural force in streetwear and beyond. 

Our message will always be the same…Be unapologetically true, never back down in the face of controversy, and always do what’s right - even if it goes against the establishment.