For the last 5 years, Philadelphia has built up unexpected momentum. Rappers and artists are sprouting up like wildfire. Even way back in the 1600’s Philadelphia’s origin was to be a creative hub for America and was home to many artists, innovators, and inventors. However, the one thing Philadelphia has always lacked is a strong streetwear presence.
The year was 2016 … Donald Trump just got elected. Tensions were rising with North Korea. The world was very confused - everything seemed unreal, to everybody. I remember countless riots and protests. Was the world ending? It sure as hell seemed like it was.
Jason Mills, known in the rap world as IDK, formerly Jay IDK, was raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland and was born in England. While the 27-year-old has just now released his debut album, he has been dropping projects as Jay IDK since 2014. It was only in 2017 when he changed his name to IDK, upon the release of 

According to a recently released FBI document, “conspiracy theorists” are now being listed and considered as potential domestic terrorist threats in the United States. This is the first report to do so. The document claims, “The FBI assesses these conspiracy theories very likely will emerge, spread, and evolve in the modern 

Featuring all East Coast talent, aside from Buddy and G Perico, Powers Pleasant’s Life Is Beautiful is a collection of collaborative anthems that range from hardcore hip-hop to the love song that “Hit My Line” is. Personally, this project seems more like an EP or a playlist, but nonetheless, the Pro Era co-founder has produced a full project. While the album only sits at twenty-three minutes, it’s still produced well.
Rakim Mayers, who is professionally known as A$AP Rocky, is finally back at home after spending nearly a month in jail in Sweden. Rocky, along with two other members of his posse, were harassed to the point of getting physical with a group of Swedish natives. Now, while the three were found guilty in the end, they were sentenced to serve no time, but better yet fined a total of $1,300 among the three, nonetheless they are all home free now.