The “Why” Behind Supporting Small Businesses

Every day, we make decisions with our money. And every day, those decisions decide what succeeds and what fails in the global marketplace. Success stories are all around us: Amazon, Target, Walmart. Each of these companies/brands are massively successful because of how we spend our money. And while that’s certainly not a bad thing in and of itself, we need to consider if it’s the best investment for us to make. 

Amazon, Target, and Walmart all provide high quality, quick services with a wide array of products and options. But what you trade in convenience and “options,” you sacrifice in competition. Big businesses sell what sells the best for a general audience, and with that curation, the market becomes limited. And with a small market comes a slew of adverse side effects.

The most notable side effect is the massive amount of wealth pocketed by their owners and investors. If this wasn’t already made clear before the pandemic, the pandemic completely solidified it. In 2020 alone, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos became $639,000,000,000 (billion) richer. Walmart has become $40 Billion richer, and massive growth, though undefined, has been seen by Target. Meanwhile, over 100,000 small businesses have permanently closed since the pandemic, and that’s not even accounting for the massive hits other small businesses have experienced. 

In short, big business has its place, but blind devotion to big business comes at a price. Creativity and competition are strangled in the marketplace, and often enough, livelihoods and legacies are lost. But rather than just mention the negative reasons to support small business, what are the positives? 

Typically speaking, the small business provides a more personable experience, products made with care and dedication, and easy-to-access customer service. They’re vitally important for stimulating local economies and fostering a sense of community. Even more, small businesses fill niches in the market for obscure tastes, specific interests, and personal preferences that big businesses can rarely replicate. 

Just think, where else can you find a pizza as delicious as the one from down the street? Or a vintage video game collection like the store across town? Chances are, you probably won’t. At least not at a big business. The same goes for the great t-shirts only found at (shameless plug).

If you’re reading this, Jokes aside, you’re already supporting us, and we can’t thank you enough. But regardless, if you choose to support us, we encourage you to get out there and support other small businesses as well! Now couldn’t be a more important time to do so.

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