The First Chapter

The year was 2016 … Donald Trump just got elected. Tensions were rising with North Korea. The world was very confused - everything seemed unreal, to everybody. I remember countless riots and protests. Was the world ending? It sure as hell seemed like it was.


"Every brand has a story, but not every story has a brand behind it. We were just lucky enough to be given both."


When we were younger, Evan threw a soccer cone at my head. For most of my life following, I hated him. We went to Vacation Bible School together a few years later, but nothing had changed. I didn’t want him in my life and I made sure to keep him out - for the most part.


It was only in High School when things began to change. We had skipped class one day with a mutual friend to smoke cigarettes, and I complimented him on his Jesus piece. In the grand scheme, most would have thought this moment was insignificant. I know I did. But, this is when we became friends, and from that point on, our lives took a dramatic, unexpected turn.


"We were addicts to our lifestyle and every weekend we shared our demons."


Like most kids our age, our friendship consisted of the usual: smoking, drinking, juvenile ignorance, and partying - lots of it. Pretty much anything we could do to pass the time. We were addicts to our lifestyle and every weekend we shared our demons.


Photo: Alex Paterson-Jones


"When you reach lows like this in life there are only two routes: you either stay in the pit forever or you climb out. Thankfully, we found a way out."


Although, we had not been blind the whole time, we should've seen fate catching up to us. Our behaviors, like most, rapidly spiraled out of control. They led us down a deep, dark, and empty pit of despair. When you reach lows like this in life, you only have one of two options: you either stay in the pit forever or you climb out. Thankfully, we found a way out.

After hitting the lowest point of our lives in our first year of college, glimmers of hope came to us from the pit. Unexplainable spiritual experiences and a growing sense of purpose were its most notable signs, but nothing compared to what happened during the summer of 2016.

What we thought to be any normal night - hanging out with our friends, smoking cigarettes - turned into an experience beyond proper description. The veil of the world was lifted from our eyes, and we began to see clearly for the first time. What we saw broke us... A world broken and enslaved to a tyrannical prince. Nations that had lost its touch with truth and reality. A grand deception, hidden right in front of our eyes.

We knew we were no longer alone. Light and darkness flooded our surroundings, and a war had been declared for our souls. Neutrality wasn’t an option. Though the darkness was great, the light protected us and claimed us as His own. He taught us about the world, our enemies, ourselves, but most importantly, about Him. From that moment on, we knew our lives belonged to a new master.

With our newfound knowledge and experience, a sense of purpose and urgency led us to action. We knew we had a mission and were meant to use our gift, we just didn’t know how. After months of thinking, planning and strategizing, we finally found our answer.

Evan had prior experience with clothing. I didn’t, but I was always interested. We knew we wanted to start a streetwear brand because we were both passionate about it, and Evan had the connections and talent to make it happen. Though, on the surface, my gifts didn’t seem vital for brand building, we both knew they were invaluable for carrying out the mission. Thus, Infect was born.


 "torment from demons inspired our creativity."


In the months following its conception, torment from demons inspired our creativity and we honed in on our direction and narrative. Then, in June of 2017, we finally released our first T-Shirt. Since then, every release has been with purpose and meaning.


Though things began slowly (as with any start-up), we felt it gaining traction.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and months have now turned into years…and what was once a two person team has now expanded to a team of five.

Towards the end of 2018, we made contact and were consulted by Olympus Projects in preparation for Fall/Winter 2018. Though, due to a legal dispute with our manufacturer, the Fall/Winter collection had to be cancelled. In order to recoup our losses and take Infect to the next level, we re-evaluated our relationship with Olympus Projects and welcomed their founders, Mike, Peter, and Zubin into the Infect family. With the addition of three new members, our mission remains the same: to build a bridge between the righteous and the wicked, through streetwear.

Now, after months of preparation, we are finally closing in on Spring/Summer 2019 with our largest collection to date: “The Declaration.”

The war has been declared and the infection is spreading. Follow us if you want to be a germ for the Infect army. Get Infected, Live Forever.


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