Meet The Founders: Ryan Huffman

Over the last few years, the growing creative scene of Philadelphia has produced many new names in the city. With the historic gap of streetwear presence in Philadelphia, many have attempted to fill the void. Chief Brand Officer and Co-Founder of Infect Co., Ryan Huffman looks to revolutionize the Philadelphia streetwear scene and gain a permanent stake in streetwear history.

We interviewed Ryan to learn more about him and the brand.


State your name and role at Infect Co.

Ryan Huffman. I’m the Chief Brand Officer for Infect, and also one of the original founders.

How did you link up with Evan Wickersham? What’s it like working with him?

We met when we were toddlers at soccer camp. He threw a soccer cone at my head and I hated him for it all the way up until high school. He transferred back after a few years of private school and a mutual friend of ours said I should give him another chance, so I did. All it took was one cigarette and we pretty much became friends right away.

Working with him is both a headache and a blessing. He’s very stubborn, but he excels at everything I’m bad at and vice versa. It took awhile for us to figure each other out, but now we work great together and push each other harder than anyone I know.

What kind of jobs have you had prior to the creation of Infect?

Prior to Infect, I worked a series of boring part-time jobs throughout high school and college.

What moment made you realize that Infect was a legitimate brand?

Honestly, I’ve thought of ourselves as a legitimate brand from the very beginning. That being said, the moment we released our “Holy Rollers” collection and saw Miley Cyrus post pictures in Infect, I knew we had something special.

So far, what is the coolest thing that has happened to Infect Co?

Miley Cyrus. We’ve had a lot of cool things happen to us, but that was easily the most unexpected.

What is one song, one TV show, one book, and one movie that you can’t live without?

Song: The Moment by Tame Impala

TV Show: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Movie: They Live

Book: The Bible

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Dead, MIA, or one of the most influential brand owners and evangelists in the world.

Who are some artists that you are a fan of that you believe deserve more recognition?

Curren$y, Shawn Smith, Joey Vantes, MidVessel Media and Ant Beale just to name a few. Also, the Philadelphia rap scene in general deserves more recognition - we got a lot of up-and-comers that are about to shake things up.

Growing up, what kind of music, art, or fashion were you exposed to that shaped what you do today?

Honestly, as a kid I didn’t have much exposure to art and fashion. I wore ordinary clothes and wasn’t very interested in visual art, but I completely fell in love with music. It started with 90s Hip-Hop and grew into a deep appreciation of nearly every genre I could find, but Hip-Hop was always my biggest influence.

Why do you think that social media is as powerful as it is today? Do you think it’s gone too far?

It’s easily accessible, helpful for gaining influence and building brands, and keeps you caught up with friends, family, the culture, news, and the rest of the world. It’s also horribly addictive.

As much as I value social media, I wish we could purge it. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are starting to act like “Thought Police” and are using censorship to restrict freedom of speech. On top of that, most people my age can’t even put their phones down for more than hour. It’s the largest breeding ground for mental illness in history and is rotting our brains from childhood. So yeah, I’d say things have gone too far, but I’ll leverage it while it’s here.

What is one area that you are talented in that people wouldn’t expect?

Analyzing and communicating complex belief systems, ideas, and theories. A lot of people tell me I should be a lawyer or author.

When it’s all said and done, what do you want to be remembered for?

For loving God, loving people, and for speaking the truth when no one else would.

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