Meet The Founders: Evan Wickersham

For the last 5 years, Philadelphia has built up unexpected momentum. Rappers and artists are sprouting up like wildfire. Even way back in the 1600’s Philadelphia’s origin was to be a creative hub for America and was home to many artists, innovators, and inventors. However, the one thing Philadelphia has always lacked is a strong streetwear presence. Creative Director and founder of Infect Co., Evan Wickersham, looks to change that.

We decided to interview Evan so fans of Infect Co. can learn more about him, his creative process, and the brand.


State your name and role at Infect Co.

Evan Wickersham. Chief Creative Officer and one of the original founders.

How did you link up with Ryan Huffman? What’s it like working with him?

We became friends in high school English class. Working with him is a pain in the ass sometimes, because we are like brothers. But, it’s worth it because we push each other to the best possible versions of ourselves.

What are your thoughts on the current standing of the streetwear industry? 

The streetwear industry is so fucked right now.

What is one song, one TV show, one book, and one movie that you can’t live without?

Song: Zou Bisou Bisou by Gillian Hills

TV Show: Twilight Zone

Book: Fuct by Erik Brunetti

Movie: North by Northwest

What are some of the goals that you would like to accomplish before the year is over with?

Honestly, I just want to continue building the brand. I want to inspire others and continue sharing the story with the world. At the end of the day, brands don’t sell products, they sell stories; and I want to sell the best story in the world.

 Being from the Philly area, do you find yourself taking inspiration mainly from creatives in your area, or do you branch out farther?

I definitely tend to branch out. I’m not one to be inspired by people, but rather places, things, and time periods. I think it’s fair to say there are definitely people in Philadelphia who inspire me like some of my mentors.

What is your main source for inspiration?

Old movies and vintage magazines. I try to consume culture from the past as much as possible. I know it’s cliché, but I do genuinely think I was born in the wrong time period.

Who are some artists that you are a fan of that you believe deserve more recognition?

Ant Beale, MidVessel Media, Shaq G, Orville Peck, etc. I could go on all day with this list to be totally honest with you.

Growing up, what kind of music, art, or fashion were you exposed to that shaped what you do today?

As a kid, when I was in trouble, my dad’s punishment for me was to make me watch old movies or listen to old music. At the time, I absolutely hated this punishment but, I’m very thankful for it now because it exposed me to some of the best movies and music ever. Shoutout to my pops for developing my palette for good music and quality films at such a young age.

Outside of music, what type of creative content do you consume at some point during the day, every day?

I have a stack of coffee table photography books and vintage magazines that I flip through almost every day. I also spend a lot of time looking through old print advertisements. Advertising is extremely creative.

What is one area that you are talented in that people wouldn’t expect?


When it’s all said and done, what do you want to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered for ushering in a new era of streetwear. An era where streetwear has purpose, meaning, and passion.

Any last words?

Don't stop doing what you love. Don't give up on your dreams, AND more importantly stop trying to fit in.

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