Linda Collins: Hit Job or Total Accident?

On Tuesday, June 4th, former GOP Senator of Arkansas, Linda Collins, was found dead outside of her house in Pocahontas, Arkansas. Collins was reportedly found with a bullet wound through the head, wrapped in a tarp, and was partially decomposed. According to authorities, suicide has been ruled out and the case is now being investigated as a homicide.


The Wednesday following, however, Prosecutor Henry Boyce claimed in a press release that the court had issued a gag order on all details surrounding Collins investigation. In short, this means that no information on the evidence or findings of Collins death will be released to the public without their permission or curation.

If this wasn’t already suspicious in and of itself, controversy exploded the following Thursday over the testimony of Collins acquaintance, Lisa Michaele Walker. Walker reported that Collins was “on the verge” of going public and releasing damning information on sitting judges in Arkansas, claiming that they used the Department of Human Services (CPS) to capture and sell children to wealthy elites throughout the US. She also spoke of strong ties to the Clinton Foundation.


Though these claims are far from conclusive evidence, Collins certainly had shown interest in fighting child trafficking operations throughout her career. Her most notable contribution was with her role as the primary sponsor of HB1923, which became Act 922, a bill requiring the completion of a human trafficking prevention course prior to issuance of a Class A commericial drivers license.

This wouldn’t be the first mentioning of corruption in Arkansas’s Child Protection Services. According to a federal lawsuit in 2018, CPS workers Chelsea Smith and Stacy Houck were accused of “‘seizing’ children and placing them in state custody without ensuring that parents get hearings in those cases quickly enough.” Along with this, the suit claims that “the department has subjected hundreds of families to this practice for years and that it isn’t only these individual caseworkers at fault”


Despite speculation, however, reports began to surface over the last week that authorities have their primary suspect, Rebecca Lynn O’Donnell, in custody with criminal charges pending. The question then begs: What really happened to Linda Collins? Should we believe the story provided by the mainstream media? Should Walker’s testimony be considered? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.



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