Doing Our Part in Preserving the Planet

Thanks to 2020, the world is going to shit. Whether it’s rumors of war, divisive politics, natural disasters, or a global pandemic - it's easy to feel like the world is out of our control. But, INFECT has never been one to back down in the face of conflict. Our brand was built on conflict, and with 2020 behind us, we are on a mission to take back control.

While we can’t change everything about the world, we decided we should change ourselves. The clothing and textile industry is notorious for massive amounts of waste and pollution in their shipping process and is one of the leading sources of environmental damage worldwide. To combat this, starting in January 2021, ALL of our shipping materials are now 100% eco-friendly and ethically sourced. 

Unlike other clothing companies, we refuse to take part in the destruction of our planet any longer. Additionally, we want to create a better and more meaningful experience for our fans and customers. To make this happen, we’ve selected EcoEnclose as the supplier of our shipping materials. 

EcoEnclose is world-renowned for its innovative and eco-friendly solutions to shipping supplies and develops packaging made with as much recycled content as humanly possible. In other words, every ounce of our shipping supplies will not only be high quality, but 100% recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable. While this is a start, it certainly isn’t the end. We plan to aggressively find options for eco-friendly manufacturing in the future as well.

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