David Koch: Another Billionaire Dead

Billionaire David Koch, known for building one of the nation’s largest companies has passed away at age 79. There was no precise reason given for his death. However, his brother Charles was quoted saying this following his death:

“Twenty-seven years ago, David was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and given a grim prognosis of a few years to live. David liked to say that a combination of brilliant doctors, state-of-the-art medications and his own stubbornness kept the cancer at bay. We can all be grateful that it did, because he was able to touch so many more lives as a result"


The claim has been made that David Koch, “helped reshape American politics.” Whether this is (actually) true or not - he definitely had quite the résumé, so to say. He started one of the nation’s largest private companies with his brother, Charles; donated millions of dollars to cancer research and other charitable causes, but he also started The Koch Political Network.

If you’re unfamiliar, The Koch Political Network is a group known for aggressive funding to conservative campaigns and also extremely negative advertising towards democratic candidates such as Barack Obama. 

The Little Black Book...

More recently, David Koch popped up in the news because his name appeared in Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book. If you haven’t heard about Epstein’s black book - it’s basically a comprehensive notebook filled with addresses and contact information of some of the most powerful people in the world. He also made marks on who was a witness to certain crimes he was guilty of.

Ok, back to Koch. His name popped up in Epstein’s black book. That doesn’t necessarily make him guilty of anything. He was f*cking loaded and so was Epstein - they might have played golf together or something. They also could’ve been friends who bonded over being pedophiles too, but that’s highly unlikely. 

I don’t think Koch was a pedophile, I think he may have had his hands in some shifty stuff, but pedophilia? I’m not buying it. 

However, I do think the relationship between the two is somewhat strange. When Epstein first went to jail on pedophilia related charges he was seen partying at Koch’s residence just two months after his release. Why in the f*ck would Koch invite a known pedophile to a party with other high profile people? I’m not inviting a pedophile in my home - whether they’re giving me money for something or not. Kick rocks dude.

But, I guess it wasn’t really that strange to invite him, because an anonymous attendee to the party was quoted saying, “You know, you have to be a little careful what you say and ask here, because there are a lot of guys in the room who spent some time in prison, too.”

Koch was the 11th richest person in the world and was directly connected with Epstein. Epstein, was known as one of the most notorious child sex traffickers. Epstien dies, in a blatantly obvious conspiracy. Then, Koch dies and we have no idea as to why. It goes quiet. 

I don’t know about you, but it’s just not adding up and is becoming more and more difficult to ignore these small details.


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